Mr. Brendan Megowan,Sacramento Brewing

2018-10-10 11:28:08 admin 28

Mr. Brendan Megowan
Sacramento Brewing
1617 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819


“We couldn’t be more impressed with the quality and service Wang and his team have provided us. DYM engineers had no problem drawing and executing our custom tank design, which no one else would do. All of our tanks came outfitted with high quality fittings, valves, and carb stones. Spray ball is spinning type, all valves are stainless handled squeeze trigger type, and the carbonation stones outfitted for each of our 30 bbluni-tanks are robust. The welds are beautiful, and these fermenters are a real showpiece. They do not at all look out of place sitting next to our premier stainless pub brewhouse. Wang stuck to his lead time, and delivered as promised. I highly recommend anyone looking for quality brewing equipment to get a quote from Wang before purchasing from an overpriced source with bad service.  DYM really cares and they stand by their work. They saved us a lot of money, and came through big time on quality.”