Production Brewery

Capacity from 20~120bbl/brew and bigger.
Min. 6 brews per 24 hours with 4-vessel brewhouse.

Brewhouse Features

  • Customized design of tanks, production flow, etc as per customers’ brewing process and beer features, e.g. 16°P all malt beer.
  • Customized arrangement of brewhouses’ vessels, in rows, angle or square to fit the customers'existing buildings.
  • Dismountable basic frames with operators’ platform and pre-built piping for convenient site Installation.
  • Multi brews per 24 hours, e.g. 6 batches with 4-vessel brewhouse.

Cellar Features
Tanks: One day’s brewing capacity or customized to your specifications.
Piping: Fixed piping with flow panels for convenient operation.
Control: Fully automatic Temp, control with preset cool down curve, etc.

Brewhouse Configurations




No. of vessels






Mash / Brew Kettle


Mash Cooker




Mash / Lauter tun


Brew Kettle / Whirlpool



Customized budgetary proposals are available to your inquiries.
Delivery time: 15~22 weeks FOB China port, plus 2~5 weeks ocean shipping time to the East or West Coast.