Labeling machine


  • Dia. Of bottles:φ50mm -φ100mm; No limits for height
  • Labels’ dimensions(Length×Height):40mm—150mm×50mm—250mm, paper
  • Glue: coming out from the glue container
  • Speed: 40~100bottles/min
  • Power: 1Kw
  • Compressed air: 4~6 bars; 0.5 liter / min
  • Weight 600kg


  • optoelectronic switches and approximate swithces: German P+F
  • Relay: OMRON
  • Contactor: SIEMENS
  • VFD: Danfoss
  • Gear Box: China, Jie
  • Vortex blower: Taiwan
  • Labelling belt: Japan
  • flat top chains: Stainless steel REXNORD
  • Pneumatic parts: Chinese AirTac

Rotary labeling machine

Specifications of rotary labeling machine as followings:

  • Rated capacity: 5,000bph
  • Max. capacity: 15,000 bph
  • Adjustable speed scope: 3000~15,000 bph
  • Target labels quantities: 1 body and 1 neck
  • Capable No. of Labels: 1 body label, 1 back label, 1 neck label, and 1 aluminum foil neck label (Additional accessories will be required for back labels and aluminum foil neck label.)
  • Max. width of label: ~130mm
  • Capacity of the label magazine: 5,000 pcs
  • Centering tolerance of body and back label: ≤2.0mm
  • Tolerance of height central of body and neck labels: ≤3.0mm
  • Tolerance of symmetry of body and back labels’ margin: ≤2.0mm
  • Compressed air pressure: 0.35~0.5Mpa
  • Air consumption: 0.3m3/min
  • Length of integrated bottle conveyors: 2000mm
  • Motor power: 3.5Kw
  • Outer dimensions: L3,300 x W1,620 x H1,500mm
  • Weight: 1,500Kg