Keg Washing machine

This machine mainly contains the frame, electric system, air system and other pipeline system.

The features are as below:

  • All parameters (time values) can be adjusted without stopping the machine.
  • Maximum straight-line design on main cleaning pipelines makes sure the powerful and thorough scouring.
  • Twin-acting pneumatic valve with reliable quality and anti-high temperature characteristic.
  • Adoption of world top products as main accessories makes sure premium quality.
  • The sterile water and the lye water can be recyclable.

Keg Filling machine

The filling machine with simple designing and modeling appearance, practical function and against long term usage, are specially designed for the breweries to produce more freshing beer. 

This machine mainly contains the frame, electric system, filling system, pressure preparing and retaining system. The features are as below:

  • The performance of this machine is extremely good with its powerful capacity and high efficiency. It is explored and designed for insulated beer container (Stainless steel and plastic keg, draft beer keg). It also can be used for beverage filling.
  • All procedures are thoroughly controlled by SIEMENS programmable controller. All control parameters (time values) can be adjusted.
  • The separation on systems of electrics and air avoid the short circuit by condensate liquor, which is caused by low environment temperature and make sure an easy repair.
  • Be equipped with CIP recycle line. Easy operation and no residue remained.
  • The machine adopts anoxybiotic technique to guarantee purity and fresh taste of beer.

Different style of single head or 2-station keg filling machine both fall into our supply scope.